2021 has been an INCREDIBLE YEAR for all of us here at THE PARTNERS REAL ESTATE. As THE PARTNERS launched in June, Derek personally had sold over $125 million which created the PERFECT timing to launch THE PARTNERS. The momentum continued as the goal to becoming the most successful NEW BOUTIQUE REAL ESTATE FIRM IN VANCOUVER is becoming a reality with a total year combined at $225 million (another $100 million since June) with deals still possibly coming in that could add another $10 - $15 Million before the end of the calendar year! A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PARTNERS for being INCREDIBLE this year - Trina Hemstead, Irmin Bach, Elliott Chun, Carly Salvetti, Esther Williams, Matt Sadler and to all our PARTNERS, CLIENTS and extended PARTNERS for being TRULY AMAZING!!!


1 Billion

In the last 10 years prior to THE PARTNERS REAL ESTATE, Derek has accomplished almost 1 billion in sales with so many INCREDIBLE MEMORIES with the most AMAZING buyers and sellers. Please note there are so many more BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES in this category and know that we do remember all of our incredible relationships. Our clients are always in our HEARTS and on our MINDS! It's such an excitement when one is involved in selling and buying a home for a client. There's also a sadness as the intimate relationship you spend with clients goes from talking every day about strategy, marketing, showings, ideas, changing the strategy and much much more as then it all comes to an end when their home successfully sells or when you hug them when they purchased that home they have been dreaming of for years - WHAT A MOMENT. Truly a DREAM JOB!!! It's been 10 VERY EXCITING YEARS and with the launch of The Partners Real Estate, we look forward to handing more and more keys over in the years to come. Derek Grech, Founder.

Sales volumes includes both MLS transactions and exclusive sales by Derek Grech.



Eagle Island was a very special place with infinite memories for the INCREDIBLE family who lived there for 25 years. Amazing clients, unmatched tranquility and a successful outcome. The key to marketing and selling this house was to market the seller telling her story in her own words while using the boat barge across the water from where you park your car on the main land. It turned out to be magical and everyone that came and looked at the house commented that the reason why they were there was because of the video. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Erwin Drive, West Vancouver

It was very exciting to have been awarded the Erwin Drive WATERFRONT that just sold in April 2021 listed at $23,898,000. The idea to jump in a helicopter and see the property from the sky was something that Derek had never done. The birds eye view truly provided even more insight in developing the marketing strategy that then included filming from downtown and almost landing the helicopter in the back yard of the over 30,000 square foot flat property. The video itself then lead the way to using social media platforms to create the kind of chatter and conversation one needed to lure buyers in viewing this magnificent trophy of a property. The house itself was built in the 1990's and was in its original format - nothing had actually been touched since its birth. A renovation style guide was created and marketed to show potential buyers the opportunity of buying the property and working with the existing almost 11,000 square foot house making it their own for the future. Incredible result! Listed and sold while at Angell & Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Craigend, West Vancouver

AMAZING story recently with these AMAZING clients. The listing agent called me early in the morning and asked if I wanted to stop by and have a look at a new listing in Westmount, West Vancouver. On the way to show one of my own listings, I stopped in quickly as I'm always curious. As soon as I stopped in I knew it would be a PERFECT FIT for our I quickly FaceTimed the clients and they picked up which shocked me as they often have crazy schedules with their busy young lives. Luckily in 45 minutes they were at the house. Trina also dropped everything she had going on as she was excited to see what was discovered quickly. Two hours later we offered on the property and before midnight that same day they owned this INCREDIBLE HOME in West Vancouver listed at $10 Million. Quick to the house, quick to understand the opportunity, the team work between Trina and myself and Trina knowing exactly what our client was looking for. In Real Estate, the quicker you are the better the opportunities present themselves. Wow - I look forward to visiting this house!!! Listing provided by Prudential Sussex Realty West Vancouver. Sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Tall Tree, North Vancouver

What an amazing house to sell for these AMAZING CLIENTS! At 10 years old and a list price close to $4.5 Million, the quality was simply stunning. The Sellers over the past 10 years have truly enjoyed their custom build. Being 10 years old, asking $4.5 million on the list price was a tall task. Seeing newer homes sell in the Edgemont area at the same time for under $4.3 but having the confidence in being able to position 1096 Tall Tree was strategic. In the past several years I had experience in selling smaller homes in the area for close to $4.2 million so the stage had been set. Incredible out of town Buyers quickly came to respect the location Tall Tree offered. No traffic, close to Handsworth Secondary and simply one of the best builds from Barone Construction made the sale seamless. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Gordon, West Vancouver

Right in the middle of Dundarave, West Vancouver, focusing on location was the key to selling this beautiful custom built home. The sellers had grown out of the home and had decided to build a new home blocks away therefore location was the insight and everything in walking distance was the key STRATEGICALLY. West Van REC CENTRE, Sea Wall, Dundarave Village all came into play with the write-up on the house and the video presentation versus the bedroom and bathroom counts which everyone could understand once visiting the house. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Ayr, Edgemont

This 1957 Post and Beam had such a GREAT VIBE in the middle of Edgemont Village. The excitement from the West Coast Contemporary Architecture lent itself to all the marketing and speed that needed to occur to position Ary for sale. On a 10,000 square foot lot literally 200 steps from the heart of Edgemont Village, the team needed to move quickly as our clients had found a view property in the neighbourhood that they had been dreaming about for years. From the initial phone call from our clients to buy a new property and then to sell their property on Ary all occurred with a very busy 12 days!! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



Incredible price on this WATERFRONT PENTHOUSE. Step right into a MAGAZINE and into life not far from Deep Cove in North Vancouver. 1100 square feet of BREATHTAKING Ocean VIEWS ALL DAY with AMAZING SUNSHINE facing South. Our clients were so wonderful as they transitioned out of this lovely condo and headed to the Island to retire. The marketing was targeted at buyers who were looking in Lower Lonsdale. If one wanted a little more quiet lifestyle, beautiful walks along the trails and access to the ocean through Cates Park, this was definitely an exciting option at the time. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



4,400 square feet staring at Downtown Vancouver, Science World and everything life has to offer. The clients were patient, always positive and constantly worked with us to ensure that it was a true partnership with an outcome of the highest sale on MLS in False Creek in the condo category. Constant social media marketing on Linkedin, Instagram and Instagram Stories, Facebook and Twitter really engaged the target market who ended up coming from the Shaughnessy neighbourhood on the Westside of Vancouver. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



This STUNNING FRENCH transitional Kelly Deck Designed DREAM home was a very special home. Its 32,000 square feet of flat land for the kids to run around, and its OVER THE TOP DESIGN made this an extremely popular house while on sale. At the time we hosted agents to come have a look with food being catered along with regular open houses so families could come and witness for themselves in the sunshine. We needed to do this because the reputation of this area in the British Properties, West Vancouver was often criticized for its lack of light. Instagram posts and stories explaining the creativeness of the layout and quality lead the approach and the result was very successful. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



This INCREDIBLE RENOVATED BEACH HOUSE flooded with sunshine everywhere on an INCREDIBLE PRIVATE 15,000 square foot lot was sold for top dollar. Many consumers thought the list price was on the higher side as the backyard was not far from the highway. Our clients and ourselves felt very passionate about the list price. Our marketing approach was very creative focusing on the outside of the house with its artificial grass, the sport court in the backyard and the lifestyle that was portrayed in our incredible video drone approach. Also our 16 page brochure made itself into many buyers hands as people stopping into our open house ensured that they left with one. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



LEOVISTA was one of the highest sales in the Edgemont Village area and sill holds this record today. THIS WORLD CLASS ART PIECE build by Marble Construction was and still is one-of-a-kind. In 2016, the idea was to market the house to downtown and Westside buyers who felt Edgemont Village and their drive to downtown and back was a little longer than what they wanted in life. Filming from Gastown explaining that one could be home in 10 minutes was the key message to convince people to try it for themselves. The outcome was incredible as the amount of people that viewed this house was over the top. The black and white transition to colour was a nice touch as well! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



This INCREDIBLE home constructed by Michael Upward from Upward Construction was definitely one-of-a-kind! When I felt the passion from Michael as he walked me through everything he had done over 18 months leading up to the listing, I felt that Michael himself had to be in the video communicating his passion to the buyers. We did several versions with Michael and we marketed them all individually on all marketing platforms. The buyers we felt were coming from downtown. All social media platforms have different audiences but we felt pushing LInkedin to target that high end sophisticated buyer was essential. Sure enough we found an amazing buyer with an amazing family and the sale and transition was very memorable for everyone involved. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Stearman Beach, West Vancouver

While newly listing 4340 Stearman for $3.750.000, the neighbouring property asked to list his piece of land for $1.750.000. Listing the land gave both the new home credibility for its asking price at $3.750.000 (land $1.750.000 plus construction $2 million equals $3.750.000) while also delivering full price on the land (buy this land $1.750.000 and build your own creation $2 million). While doing this with the two properties being side by side it created a perfect comparison that resulted in two very happy clients. The video approach as well was very strategic for 4340 Stearman because we wanted to show the proximity of the house to the beach. Involving the seller and his son worked out perfectly to show the authenticity of the environment while giving the family a nice memory together. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


3681 Sunset, West Vancouver

This sale was definitely a historical sale off the water in West Vancouver and many people know this house well. PERCHED dramatically over the Pacific Ocean as you come around suicide bend on Marine Drive, 3681 Sunset Lane sits up on the high side as an art piece. At the time, Sunset was the highest sale off the waterfront in Westbay which was very rewarding. The creative video approach was narrated by Lisa Bovell and Matt McLeod to truly give it a personal touch as we felt those buyers who were looking for a concrete modern home wanted to potentially hear about the vision behind the over $10 million sticker price. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


111 East 3rd Street, Lower Lonsdale

The Versatile Building is one of our favourite buildings in LOLO. Having placed 4 clients in this building between $650,000 and $850,000 over the years, it's always a great feeling when a client buys in or cashes out positively. This in and out transaction for our clients is a great investment for several years, as the investment was collecting more than $3000/month in rent. LOLO has become the Yaletown of the North Shore over the past few years as life there has really become exciting! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Sylvan, Edgemont

This CUSTOM TRANSITIONAL over 4000 square foot home was truly special. The house itself was a show stopper. Sylvan is a little higher up in the Edgemont Village area and sometimes new buyers to the area want to be a little closer to the Village. In discussing this, it was the clients that provided the insight as they explained why they chose to build on Sylvan. Easy access quickly off Montroyal, a choice between driving up Westview and/or Capilano when exiting off the highway and also because of Mackay Creek which is literally about 500 steps away from the front door. The trail is truly magnificent and for people who love to walk themselves and their dogs, it's a game changer. The choice in the video to start off at the walking path and then highlight the house created a lot of conversations with the buyers who moved from Victoria. Listed and sold while at Angell & Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Semi Waterfront, West Vancouver

The Sellers had had their home on the market for a while and wanted to change direction. The key differentiator for Bellevue was its incredible STREET PRESENCE as this location is semi waterfront on the GOLDEN MILE OF WATERFRONTS on Bellevue. Focusing in on the street first and then following up with showing the beautiful style beach house was one that hit a cord with buyers. Filming on the outside of the house allowed consumers to first stop and think about the specific insight of location first while then secondly seeing the inside of the home. Our clients were excited about the insight and truly excited when their home sold quickly to a lovely buyer. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Rockridge, West Vancouver

Rockridge is a stunning area with perched up views and a location that allows families to quickly get to everything one needs in life, simply blocks away. When the buyers bought this home, it needed massive renovations. They took this project on and completely transformed this property into a 4 SEASONS atmosphere that delivers a one of a kind STAYCATION feeling!!! Sold while at Angell Hasman off the market. Price disclosed upon request.


Rosebery, West Vancouver

BUILT BY Marble Construction, Winner of BEST SINGLE FAMILY HOME IN CANADA for 2016, 2017 and 2018. STUNNING was the theme here with the location of Upper Dundarave being the focus. Living close to Dundarave Village was key to the idea of having everything you see in the video at your fingertips. The builder also wanted something flashy with the lifestyle that matched the house. It's contemporary feel and incredible VIEW was one of the best in the area in the past 10 years. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Lions Bay, West Vancouver

Lions Bay is an easy 12 minute drive from Dundarave. Often people think Lions Bay is too far so we wanted to strategically show consumers that it's really not that far. An extra song or two on the radio right? We shot a nice young couple driving away from the Beach House Restaurant in Dundarave on a nice sunny day executing this video. We also needed to attract people to Lions Bay to see this incredible renovation that our seller had done. We sent out a direct mail piece to all of West Vancouver inviting them to a dinner party at the house. Getting buyers and buying agents there was successful and not too long after the home sold for a record price off the water at the time in Lions Bay!!! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Ambleside, West Vancouver

It was an out of the box idea when we came up with this approach to include the architect in the video to bring his VISION to life. Many people have done this idea since but the idea of sketching on paper the vision and then transitioning this to real life worked like a charm. Following the video was a RED CARPET PRIVATE PARTY event that we had catered for hundreds of people to come and view the home. This at the time in Ambleside was the highest per square footage sale and sold in less than 60 days. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



This home was a one of a kind and needed to be presented in a similar fashion. David Green who built the house worked on every inch of it so we really wanted to showcase where his idea had come from. Featuring David in the film was one of many marketing approaches we had come up with for Keith Road. Direct Mailer and an evening event to mention a few approaches. It resulted in countless showings but in the end, we unfortunately did not sell the home. Not giving up after the listing was awarded to another agent, we worked relentlessly to engage our roster of buyers to consider the home and in the end sold this incredible home that David built to one of our nicest clients. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Laing, Edgemont Village

Laing has to be one of the cutest streets in Edgemont Village with about 28 kids within a total of 14 homes. When we saw the hockey nets along with the basketball hoop on the street, the idea was to capture the essence of family while then bringing back the memory from our own childhoods when mom and or dad calls you home for lunch or dinner! The kids rush home trying to compete with the race while everyone enjoys each other's company! Lovely sellers ended up selling this to a beautiful lovely family who to this day still live there enjoying the families on the street. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Argyle, Ambleside

Suite 801 went through a major renovation in The Crescent on Argyle in West Vancouver. With its INCREDIBLE location just steps to the sea wall in Dundarave, the key was to show the view from the balcony while highlighting the beach like renovation that the sellers had completed. The Beach House in the sky steps from the Beach House restaurant in Dundarave was a common theme when we showed the condo. Three bedroom and over 1500 square feet is hard to find and the Buyers fell in love with the area, the renovation and definitely their new found LIFESTYLE! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Barnham, West Vancouver

One of the nicest custom builds that a builder presented in the British Properties. Smaller in format, the target market was everyone from current West Vancouver residences to Downtown and West Side residences. Targeting through social media was key as constant stories during showings reached buyers that were not from the British Properties. The beautiful transitional style featuring the proximity to Collingwood Secondary was also key in the marketing effort. The marketing approach resulted in a very excited young couple from downtown purchasing the home. Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


PARLIAMENT, Edgemont Village

A realtor was shopping with his client for something very special and couldn't find it on the market. This realtor called because he knew that we often have very special product that often might not make it to the market. The realtor had a very special, very private buyer who wanted to keep the approach private. Often this is when unique opportunities arise. We were able to show them something that they would have likely never found. It was a magical moment with everyone involved. Sold off the market while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Burkehill, West Vancouver

VIEW VIEW AND MORE VIEW! WOW!!! We fortunately had the opportunity to sell this house TWICE IN THE LAST 8 YEARS. 4112 Burkehill was the highest sale at the time in Bayridge when we first sold this home and then became the highest sale after we sold the house for the second time. Designed by Vancouver's LEADING ARCHITECT CRAIG CHEVALIER, this STUNNING MASTERPIECE offers 7000 square foot of absolute LUXURY! STUNNING open concept main floor flows perfectly throughout each room while creating an outdoor lifestyle with incredible 280 degree VIEWS of the OCEAN. The home is INCREDIBLY PRIVATE with no homes looking into this property! Listed twice and sold twice in 8 years while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.



This FRENCH COUNTRY home was a WOW WOW WOW! Situated behind a huge hedge on Marine Drive no one could or would ever have imagined such a picturesque home that felt like it should have been in the countryside of France! The Sellers had a dream of building something exactly like this on Bowen Island so with excitement and sadness the house was listed and sold very quickly. When showing this house we would often spend time after each showing simply hanging out as if we were on vacation somewhere other than our own West Vancouver! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


LOLO Penthouse

When have you seen such an incredible ONE OF A KIND penthouse like this in LOWER LONSDALE - NEVER!!! THIS 2100 square feet of complete LUXURY PENTHOUSE in the Wallace McDowell Building was simply STUNNING. The idea was to highlight the life in LOLO and show Downtown and West Vancouver buyers the growing excitement of the area. This was truly prior to the area changing so dramatically in the last 36 months. Originally 2 units that were combined to form this 1 unit (never will be found), 1000 square foot of outdoor living space STARING, GAZING, DAYDREAMING at the most INCREDIBLE VIEW of the OCEAN and DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


3280 Thompson, West Vancouver

VIEW VIEW VIEW! One of, if not 'THE' most amazing homes in West Vancouver. This incredible over 6500 square foot home Architecturally perfected by Gordon Hlynsky and built by Bradner Homes is SIMPLY stunning. Completely Customized on an over 18,000 square foot lot with the most Amazing views EVER SEEN! The main floor entertaining dining room and kitchen opens up perfectly to the beautiful outdoor decks to take in the Vancouver Skyline. 4 Bedrooms up, incredible office on the main, 3 car garage, downstairs open concept above grade to the AMAZING outdoor POOL. Sold off the market while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.


Crescentview, Edgemont Village

This unbelievably custom built brick English Style home was situated on one of the nicest streets on the entire North Shore. Two floors and less than 3500 square feet done to perfection proves that often amazing things do come in small packages. Upon walking into the house the question one needed to ask was "are you sure you want to sell?". Designed interior with antiques sourced from all over the world, the home sold for one of the highest per square foot results at the time in all of Edgemont. The lovely buyers came from the island to relocate and walking by the home today it's as nice as it was one the homes that was first built!! Listed and sold while at Angell Hasman. Price disclosed upon request.