Ruth Brock was nice enough to share her story on her experience with Derek. Identifying the strategic idea was at the forefront of coming up with the unique selling proposition prior to Derek selling Ruth and John's family home on Eagle Island in West Vancouver. Coming up with an approach to engage buyers through capturing their attention in selling this incredible but unique property was key. Most buyers that did come and look at Eagle Island mentioned when arriving they loved the video of the lady (Ruth) and that they where excited to experience for themselves the 'island life' right in West Vancouver. Have a listen to Ruth Brock's own words. Thank You Ruth for going out of your way to share your story!


TEGAN AND David Smith, Edgemont Village

Tegan and David Smith are nice enough to share their thoughts on their experience with Derek & Trina. The Smith's had been talking to Derek casually for a number of years and then Derek received a call from Tegan one Saturday morning asking about a specific home. From the phone call Tegan made to Derek, the wheels quickly were in motion to capitalize on the opportunity for the Smith's to buy and also sell within two weeks. Derek and Trina within hours set up and attended a viewing that Tegan was interested in. Dave was out of town visiting family in Ontario at the time. So then once everyone understood the interest at hand, all other strategic decisions needed to be quickly addressed between Derek and Trina on the buy side of the Smith's new home and then on the sale side of Smith's home in Edgemont Village. Thank You Tegan and David for going out of your way to share your story.


Sally & Chuck

Sally and Chuck have been nice enough to share their experience with Derek. Sally and Chuck have had multiple experiences selling with Derek. From their home sale years ago in Edgemont Village which Chuck mentions in the video with Derek, to their purchases and sales in Lower Lonsdale. Sales in the $2 million range or investment properties at $450,000 range and $750,000 - the experience and effort has always been the same. Strategic positioning, always an approach to marketing that positions each home uniquely has always been industry leading. This along with constant client interaction has made Sally and Chuck's experience recommend Derek to many others over the years. Have a listen to what they have to say in their own words. Thank You Sally and Chuck for going out of your way to share your experience.


Ronan & Olivia Matthews & Family

Ronan and Olivia Matthews and their 3 children spent time with us in their new backyard in Deep Cove. After interviewing a few Realtors, Ronan and Olivia chose to work alongside Derek and Trina. Their goal was to sell their Indian River townhome and move to a detached home within the area. With 3 young kids, they wanted to find a large backyard for the kids to enjoy. To prepare the townhome for sale, Derek and Trina suggested a few strategic touchups to help make the best first impression with potential Buyers. In tandem, Trina and the Matthews began their search for the perfect home, with the perfect yard. The real estate market was heating up and multiple offers were commonplace. Once we found "the one", we had to be ready, we did a pre-inspection and pre-mortgage approval so we could submit a clean "no-subject" offer. With 62 showings and over a dozen offers, we were successful in winning the bid. Thank you Ronan and Oliva for sharing with us!


Morey Chaplick

Morey Chaplick was nice enough to share his and his wife's experience with Derek. Morey and his wife bought Skyline Drive in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver in 2015. Then Morey and his wife decided to sell Skyline Drive in February 2020 when they decided to move to West Vancouver to be closer to their everyday life. Selling a mid century post and beam home definitely is strategic and unique and Derek (just before Covid in March 2020) definitely has been one to specialize in this category. For the Skyline home Derek created a contest giveaway, (trip for 2 to Palm Springs to tour mid century modern homes) was so successful and the crowd/buyers had such a wonderful experience at the event - Skyline at the time, sold for a record square footage price in the area. Have a listen to Morey's own words. Thank You Morey for going out of your way to share your experience.



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